Aion 3.0: Free to Play Launches

Aion has been published quite a while ago already and churned out quite some interest back in the days of it’s launch because of it’s solidness, beautiful graphics and in flight combat. Aion kept going and going and while still being a great game it was covered by other AAA games like Rift, WoW: Cataclysm, SWTOR and others which were released afterwards and was thrown in a corner, all alone with no attention or what so ever. Aion wasn’t a new thing anymore and didn’t manage to catch the market anymore.

Aion initially released a not-so free to play version of itself which did not manage to gather any interest either because it was the same as “your average cash shop F2P game”, but then came an even bigger announcement: Aion would go totally free to play and would deploy a big update called Aion 3.0.

Promises of a totally free to play game without the annoyances of other F2P games like irritating pop-ups and more sparked an immense amount of interest among countless (MMO)RPG fanboys and Aion has been #1 popular game for quite a while on We will only need to wait and see what’s going to become of this semi-old grinder, what do you think?


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