Moria Revamped In Update 7 – Lord of The Rings Online

In a recent news update by Turbine – LOTRO’s worldwide publisher – was revealed leveling in Moria will be a new experience in update 7. Many players of the popular roleplaying game had complained about the dullness that is leveling in Moria and Turbine has acknowledged, and honed their request. Update 7 will update half of the Moria leveling experience while further updates will enhance this. Great news for LOTRO fans, they can finally enjoy the great sightings of Moria without much pain. Here is an excerpt of the official news release on the LOTRO website:

Design Goals

  • Make sure each division actually offers enough quests from level to level.
    • When we looked under the hood, most zones came nowhere near this number. Some zones had as few as six quests available, but 30ish are needed to level from 50-60.
  • Improve quest flow so that players have a clear, efficient purpose to their travel.
    • Prior to the changes, the quest tracker would frequently point players to every corner of a division at once, or worse.
    • Some quest arcs had players navigating to a tough-to-find monster camp, fighting through it, going back to the hub, navigating back to the same camp, fighting through it for a different reason, and so on. This is not awesome quest flow for a place as maze-like as Moria.
  • Add quests to flesh out the quest count as needed to level.
    • Easy! There are now more quests in the first half of Moria.
  • Make sure players can see, especially on main travel routes.
    • Scarecrow wanted to keep Moria dark, but not so much so that players would be blind. He spent a lot of time carefully adjusting the lighting in the affected zones.
  • Make it easier to travel from hub to hub in Moria.
    • We don’t really want monsters attacking players when they’re trying to get from one quest hub to another on a major highway. The goats don’t like it either.
  • Improve quest rewards.
    • Rock helped to make more sense out of the quest reward stat combos, and also added some consumables to the Durin’s Way rewards.
    • Oh, he also put the tame goat for sale in the Great Delving, no rep required.
  • Reputation faction rewards are now banded by zone.
    • Revamped zones offer one rep faction reward or the other now, instead of rep being all over the place. For example, all Great Delving quests offer rep with the Guards, while the Silvertine Lodes area offers rep with the Miners. These will alternate for every zone by level.
  • Add travel where it is needed.
    • Each zone got a little travel love in spots where it was most needed. New stable routes have been added, as well as other methods of teleportation which should cut down on unnecessary travel time

More on this may be found at the official LOTRO site.


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