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Allods Online Russia opens up subscription-based server

The originally Russian MMORPG Allods Online made an intesting move some time ago. The Russian variant of the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG launched a subscription-based server. Anyone playing on this server will not be able to “enjoy” the cash shop and thus players become relient on their skills again and not on the amount of money they have.

The European/American variant of the game isn’t planning to do anything similar at the moment although their playerbase has diminished severely after multiple confrontations with the playerbase concerning the cash shop. The new server has been welcomed with primarily positive feedback. Interesting to see how this will turn out.



Incredible Game of Thrones ensemble music videos

These two are definitely worth checking out! Spoilers for season 1 and 2 included.

Credits to the author which is Grable424, nice work dude!


Funding Game Development Through Player Donations?

Suppose you’re an independent developer. You barely have enough money to pay your artists and programmers. They do some basic work and love doing so. But since you only have a small team, only a small amount of work can be done and sooner or later your game’s players start to get bored because new content isn’t being implemented fast enough. What do you do?

Mortal Online‘s developers (the recently gone free-to-play MMORPG) decided to launch a player donations program. Every now and then a donation goal will be given (the latest donation goal is improved visuals and more) and players will be given the option to donate funds directly into the development of the game. So this is separate from your regular subscription, which will also pay for numerous other expenses. This enables the team to hire outside programmers/artists and thus increase the speed of content updates. Donators will also benefit from numerous feats not available to non-donators. The top donator of the month will be allowed to interview the CEO of Starvault, Mortal’s developer/publisher.

What’s your opinion on funding game development through player donations?


Mists of Pandaria sold better than expected

Disproving any previous rumours, Mists of Pandaria’s sales proved better than expected. Over 2,7 million copies of the online roleplaying game were sold, and the total amount of subscribers once again counts more than ten million players. It would be wise not too draw conclusions too soon, however, since games like these are known to lose a lot of subscribers after the initial “honeymoon period” wears off.


Rumour: SEGA Europe Shuts Down?

A post has appeared on the French gaming website Gamekyo detailing the rumoured shutdown of the European branch of the well known game publisher Sega. After the layoffs and canceled games end March it seems Sega is now coming to an end in Europe. The focus of the developers under Sega should be moved to tablet and mobile games. Sega Europa’s last game to be published will possibly be a to be announced game by The Creative Assembly (Total War?). Sega has not responded to the rumours as of yet.


Sandbox MMO Embers of Caerus Surpasses Kickstarter Funding Goal

More and more online games have their pleas heard in Kickstarter‘s crowdfunding programme. The newest success story comes from Forsaken Studios’ Embers of Caerus: an upcoming sandbox mmorpg. With still 20 days to go Embers of Caerus has reached it’s $25000 goal, reaching $27,583 at the moment of writing. This clearly indicates love for sandbox mmorpg games is still there. 207 people have donated Embers of Caerus so far in exchange for items and even diners with the developers! Personally I’m quite looking forward to this game, because in my opinion there’s no great fantasy sandbox mmorpg out there yet and this one does seem to hold a lot of promise. Just check out this video from Forsaken Studios:

Dragon’s Dogma: Greatness From Small Beginnings!

So I received my Dragon’s Dogma press copy yesterday, thanks Capcom! I’ve already played this one for about one and a half hour and it’s a great game so far! I’m going to try to take my time to write a review so it will most likely be a while for the review to pop up here. Keep an eye out!

Diablo III Could Have Done These Things Better

It seems like the entire world is playing Diablo 3 right now, everywhere I walk I hear silent whispers and people discussing their loot drops and let’s be honest here: Diablo 3 deserves the attention. If you are one of the people who have played the original games and now hate and miss the modern variant because of it being “different”, then truly I feel sorry for you because Diablo 3 does lots of things right.

What do you think would have happened if Diablo 3 kept true to it’s deepest roots? What would have happened if Diablo 3 kept the dark, pixelized graphics, gothic style and hardcore difficulty of the earlier games? It would surely have been bought by the most elite Blizzard fans who have been waiting for the next Diablo game to come out the day Diablo 2 was released. But it would not have appealed to the young generation of games which is monstrolously big in numbers and of a huge importance to the continued success of a series.

None can deny Blizzard has indeed lightened the game somewhat to better fit today’s gamers. I think it is for the better and I don’t feel sorry. But there are a few things Blizzard could have done better.

  • For a start, I would have loved to be able to customize my character. Fiddling around with hairstyles, facial hairstyles, skin colors and dyes to make your character look as good as you want it to be should always be possible in any RPG but Diablo 3 lacks. There is no customization on the outside.
  • Besides customization on the outside, “real” talent trees have disappeared and it is no longer possible to spend hours to find out how to best distribute your points. You are led by Blizzard and they will tell you exactly what skill to unlock (there is no other option). What a pity.
  • Server stability: I know Diablo 3 is immensely popular but come on! We live in 2012!

Apart from the extreme lack of customization I feel the game is a bit too easy. I am playing on normal and I feel like it’s just a little bit too easy for my liking. It should have been just a tiny bit more difficult for the average gamer. The hell difficulty level is fine, but I think inferno should have been more difficult too since inferno has already been soloed (it should be soloed after months!)

All things considered Diablo 3 might not be the game you were looking for as an hardcore Diablo veteran, but it will most certainly suit your roleplaying needs and will be a great game no matter how different it is from the original series. Play it, you won’t regret it!

Please voice your opinion on Diablo 3, I love comments!

Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Release Trailer

Diablo 3 Release Trailer

World of Warcraft Cross Realm Zones Explained And Subscriber Numbers Remain Steady

Great news on the World of Warcraft website! Cross realm zones are coming to the beta! Probably in response to the immense amount of requests for free realm transfers Blizzard has implemented this cool feature into the game. It might – or rather, it will – seem pretty vague but it’s not that hard to understand. Whenever a zone is low-populated (just about every zone nowadays) the game fluidly adds players from other realms to that zone (it’s done fluidly without any loading screens or hold up or whatsoever) so you don’t feel like playing a singleplayer game. You can chat with them, party up with them and do quests, you can even visit another zone with him or her as long as you are both in the same instance! While this is great news because the world fill finally be filled with players again, there’s also a few negative sides to note, but who knows, perhaps Blizzard will think of something smart to fix those things:

  • PvE/PvP realm players who invade RP realms and ruin the party there.
  • Being from the same realm means even less now.
  • Nodes being stolen.
  • Some more difficulties.

In other news, World of Warcraft has retained it’s subscriber numbers of 10.2 million.

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