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Sometimes I Wonder What MMORPG Developers Do With Our Money

Just take Blizzard, for example, an age old studio with bazillions of money at their disposal, and compare them to Trion Worlds, the developer of Rift which started out with nearly no reputation or whatsoever.  Both get quite a good sum of money for their efforts (Blizzard probably gets a deal more, but okay), but one of them does not manage to show off their immense wealth in the further development of their game. If you have no clue what I’m on about, I’m talking about Blizzard. Not Blizzard in general (because they are quite a great developer when it suits them), but Blizard in some cases. For years they have received subscription fees and money for cute little baby murlocs ment for cuddling, they are probably richer then some countries are right now, certainly richer than Trion Worlds.

But still they manage to sell us an expansion for money, containing less content than Trion manages to deliver for free (patches) in one year. Sure, the things they do deliver are usually top quality, but if it’s not (molten front grindfest) it’s just going to be a quarter year of grinding the same old stuff all over again. So why can’t studios like Blizzard behave in the same way as Trion Worlds? I’m pretty sure they have more resources so basically they should be able to do the same thing. And they do know they’re doing something wrong! Hell, they even announced they would be going to make content faster but about half a year later and I don’t see any big new changes? What’s up with that?  I think it’s time for players to demand new and fresh content for their subscription fees, reward the studios who manage to churn out top quality content in a fast way, and warn the studios who don’t.

Molten FrontBecause Molten Front isn’t worth $15 a month.

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Game of Thrones Book/Season 2: A Clash Of Kings Quiz

I’ve put together a Game of Thrones: A Clash Of Kings (season/book two) quiz to test your knowledge of Westeros and beyond. Answer these ten questions in your head and look for the answers at the end of this post. Tell us about your result!

Please do not attempt this quiz before reading or watching up to and including A Clash of Kings first, spoilers included!

1. When Ser Rodrick arrives at Winterfell, who does Theon Greyjoy threaten to hang?

  1. Jory
  2. Beth
  3. Talisa
  4. Luwin

2. Which of the following charaters was not included in Arya’s nightly lullababy?

  1. The Hound
  2. Ser Amory Lorch
  3. Queen Cersei
  4. Willem

3. Complete the following sentence:

Power is a ___ thing, it’s a _____, a ________

  1. mighty, danger, shadow on the wall
  2. grave, vile thing, vicious thing
  3. transparent, trick, shadow on the wall
  4. curious, trick, shadow on the wall

4. What are the Greyjoy words?

  1. We do not sow
  2. We do not slow
  3. We do not surrender
  4. We do not give in

5. Which town or city does not lie in the North of Westeros?

  1. Winterfell
  2. Torrhen’s Square
  3. Moat Cailin
  4. Qarth

6. Which one of these Kingsguard men is Sansa’s Florian?

  1. Ser Meryn
  2. Ser Dontos
  3. Ser Balon
  4. Ser Arys

7. Which of the following characters is not a wildling?

  1. Mance
  2. Ygritte
  3. Rattleshirt
  4. Qhorin

8. What is not true about the Night Watch?

  1. Deserters get killed.
  2. They are dressed in black.
  3. Qhorin Halfhand used to be a wildling.
  4. Mance used to be a crow.

9. What is not true about Mance?

  1.  He is Bael the Bard
  2. He has feasted at Ned Stark’s
  3. He is of the free folk
  4. He was singing a song when Jon first saw him

10. Which one of these is not a synonym for Arya Stark?

  1. Arry
  2. Nan
  3. Weasel
  4. Weese

Every correct answer is worth one point;

correct answers: 2,4,4,1,4,2,4,3,1,4