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Funding Game Development Through Player Donations?

Suppose you’re an independent developer. You barely have enough money to pay your artists and programmers. They do some basic work and love doing so. But since you only have a small team, only a small amount of work can be done and sooner or later your game’s players start to get bored because new content isn’t being implemented fast enough. What do you do?

Mortal Online‘s developers (the recently gone free-to-play MMORPG) decided to launch a player donations program. Every now and then a donation goal will be given (the latest donation goal is improved visuals and more) and players will be given the option to donate funds directly into the development of the game. So this is separate from your regular subscription, which will also pay for numerous other expenses. This enables the team to hire outside programmers/artists and thus increase the speed of content updates. Donators will also benefit from numerous feats not available to non-donators. The top donator of the month will be allowed to interview the CEO of Starvault, Mortal’s developer/publisher.

What’s your opinion on funding game development through player donations?



Runes of Magic Browser Version Officiallly Launched: The Future Of Online Gaming has Arrived

Quite a long time ago it was said Runes Of Magic (Frogster Entertainment) would release a special browser version so players would no longer have to install the whole thing (which is quite big).

And starting today, 24th April 2012, players can finally enjoy this long awaited feature powered by Kalydo. The browser version of Runes of Magic can be launched here: http://www.browser.runesofmagic.com.

I have to say the browser version works surprisingly well as the graphics are quite sharp and the loading is definitely worth it. You can play both in fullscreen and in a window and honestly, fullscreen feels just like “the real thing”. Frogster has pulled it off and I have to congratulate them. Bravo, the future of online gaming has just arrived!