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Game of Thrones Ascent Review: A Facebook Game Set In The World of A Song Of Ice And Fire

Game of Thrones Ascent (developer Disruptor Beam) is the newest video game set in the world of A Song Of Ice And Fire, a recommended and extremely popular book series by George R.R. Martin. Game Of Thrones Ascent has been developed as a game for Facebook even though later in its life it might be converted to other systems. This however – contrary to popular belief – has not lowered its quality or made it a pay-to-win game. At the moment Ascent is still in beta phase.

Ascent is similar to other medieval browsergames like Grepolis or Tribal Wars: your goal is to build a city and destroy your opponents. You will able to add buildings such as a smithy, a sept, a market, and these can also be improved to increase efficienty. The game does not require you to wait immense amounts of time before certain actions are completed. Sure, sometimes you’ll have to wait some time, but it’s far better than in many other games in which you’ll buy speed-up items just because you’re irritated by the time that is left. This is definitely an improvement.

The game hosts a story similar to A Game of Thrones with some minor adjustments along the way, the story itself is cool and you’re really being involved in it as a random noble. You’ll be confronted with quests and you will need to make choices – what’s more important for you? The realm, your family, the olds gods, or the new? The choices you make have an impact on future happenings. Your quests will usually be completed by your Sworn Swords, units you can hire which have their own talent trees in which you will be able to invest points after they have ranked up. Your Sworn Swords can specialise in trade, intrigue, or brute force. They can then complete quests with actions such as “attack, swindle, steal, spy, harass” and so on.

A Sworn Sword working for me

A Sworn Sword working for me

You will be able to check your rank as a noble at the leaderboards. There’s also the option to create alliances, add/help friends, send messages, gain achievements and buy items in the shop with real money. All these systems work fine and you’re always confronted with a nice UI and every now and then a beautiful piece of artwork. The music isn’t bad either!



I really enjoyed playing Game of Thrones Ascent and I’ll not stop playing it soon. It’s a fresh and improved version over other similar games and most definitely not your average cheap Facebook game. A huge thumbs up for Disruptor Beam! On you go now, to defeat the challenges in Westeros!


Game of Thrones Book/Season 2: A Clash Of Kings Quiz

I’ve put together a Game of Thrones: A Clash Of Kings (season/book two) quiz to test your knowledge of Westeros and beyond. Answer these ten questions in your head and look for the answers at the end of this post. Tell us about your result!

Please do not attempt this quiz before reading or watching up to and including A Clash of Kings first, spoilers included!

1. When Ser Rodrick arrives at Winterfell, who does Theon Greyjoy threaten to hang?

  1. Jory
  2. Beth
  3. Talisa
  4. Luwin

2. Which of the following charaters was not included in Arya’s nightly lullababy?

  1. The Hound
  2. Ser Amory Lorch
  3. Queen Cersei
  4. Willem

3. Complete the following sentence:

Power is a ___ thing, it’s a _____, a ________

  1. mighty, danger, shadow on the wall
  2. grave, vile thing, vicious thing
  3. transparent, trick, shadow on the wall
  4. curious, trick, shadow on the wall

4. What are the Greyjoy words?

  1. We do not sow
  2. We do not slow
  3. We do not surrender
  4. We do not give in

5. Which town or city does not lie in the North of Westeros?

  1. Winterfell
  2. Torrhen’s Square
  3. Moat Cailin
  4. Qarth

6. Which one of these Kingsguard men is Sansa’s Florian?

  1. Ser Meryn
  2. Ser Dontos
  3. Ser Balon
  4. Ser Arys

7. Which of the following characters is not a wildling?

  1. Mance
  2. Ygritte
  3. Rattleshirt
  4. Qhorin

8. What is not true about the Night Watch?

  1. Deserters get killed.
  2. They are dressed in black.
  3. Qhorin Halfhand used to be a wildling.
  4. Mance used to be a crow.

9. What is not true about Mance?

  1.  He is Bael the Bard
  2. He has feasted at Ned Stark’s
  3. He is of the free folk
  4. He was singing a song when Jon first saw him

10. Which one of these is not a synonym for Arya Stark?

  1. Arry
  2. Nan
  3. Weasel
  4. Weese

Every correct answer is worth one point;

correct answers: 2,4,4,1,4,2,4,3,1,4