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Torchlight II Pre-order Incentive: Neverwinter beta

Perfect World and Runic games have just announced there will be a way to a special way to get access to the Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter Nights beta: you’ll get your access with a Torchlight II (Diablo style rpg) pre-order. You will have to buy Torchlight II through Perfect World though, buying it on Steam does not include beta access. Wether Torchlight II is your piece of cake is up to you, but you can’t go wrong with Neverwinter Nights beta access as the original Neverwinter games are considered classics.

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Skyrim Song Covered By Peter Hollens & Lindsey Stirling

We couldn’t resist placing this here – it’s awesome!

Muskets and Sabres – Mount & Blade Napoleonic Wars Review

Published by Paradox Interactive, M&B Napoleon Wars is a multiplayer only DLC expansion pack for the original M&B: Warband which is well known for it’s historical accuracy and multiplayer sieges. The original M&B: Warband took place in a medieval setting but this DLC package takes place during the Napoleonic Wars and looks to be somewhat based on the popular M&B mod “Mount and Musket” as it looks and feels the same.

Not being interested in the Napoleon era at but being a real Mount and Blade fan I entered the game in a mixed state, but as soon as I saw the great M&B artwork we’re so used to and the marching music kicked in, my doubts were taken away.

As I’ve already said Napoleon Wars is a multiplayer only addon, it’s not like Warband which has a separate singleplayer campaign but this did not remove any of the fun I’ve had. As soon as you start the game you can pick the looks, name and flag of your own soldier. You can then join a multiplayer server (there’s even 200 man battles!), pick your regiment (!) and class (infantry, cavalry & specialist) and spawn. The original Warband did not have the option for choosing a regiment, rather only a class but the mm_russia3 addon did.

Graphics wise the game is more or less improved over it’s precedessor (although the performance wasn’t too good as of yet), but you don’t play M&B for its graphics, you play it for it’s gameplay, and if possible, the teamwork. And teamwork there was! The addition of horses that can carry flags is great for it seemed mounted players carrying flags were barking orders and the footsoldiers listened. People were also making very good use of (destroyable) cover.

Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars - Making Good Use Of Cover

While the footsoldiers were on foot hiding behind cover and the cavalry was riding around barking orders, the artillery stood at the end of the map shooting cannonballs over the map, and these are definitely a reason to keep into cover. These tiny things prove M&B NW is working!

Artillery - M&B Napoleonic Wars

There’s a multitude of maps and modes and players can make their own if they want. There’s players who can play marching music for the rest to hear, there’s players who can built fortifications and there’s the necessary fan base that provides organized events.

Final verdict:

Mount and Blade: Napoleonic wars is once again a great M&B game and it’s working as it should! Never will you see another game like this were people are actually working together to drive the enemy outside their fort and not randomly walking about. The fights are accompanied with great recognisable tunes you can’t resist to whistle. Negative sides include the lack of top notch graphics and an average performance, but these should not be a problem for the hardened Mount and Blade veteran. If you’re not acquainted with the series however, this is your time to get in!

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Incoming: Risen 2: Dark Waters

Tomorrow will be a big day for the Risen series: Risen 2: Dark Waters will make its way into shops and treasure will await us. For anyone unfamiliar with the series, the first Risen has proven to be the true successor to Gothic 3 instead of Gothic 4, which turned out to be a dissapointment for many. Risen 2 is expected to raise the bar to a new level but we will only need to wait and see if it will live up to that. In the meantime, watch the trailer below and prepare your ships and gather your crewmen, Risen is coming!

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Runes of Magic Browser Version Officiallly Launched: The Future Of Online Gaming has Arrived

Quite a long time ago it was said Runes Of Magic (Frogster Entertainment) would release a special browser version so players would no longer have to install the whole thing (which is quite big).

And starting today, 24th April 2012, players can finally enjoy this long awaited feature powered by Kalydo. The browser version of Runes of Magic can be launched here:

I have to say the browser version works surprisingly well as the graphics are quite sharp and the loading is definitely worth it. You can play both in fullscreen and in a window and honestly, fullscreen feels just like “the real thing”. Frogster has pulled it off and I have to congratulate them. Bravo, the future of online gaming has just arrived!


Legend of Grimrock rocking the charts!

And what a surprise, suddenly out of nowhere came Legend of Grimrock from Almost Human Games: a modern day dungeon crawler with an old school feeling to it. Being released by the indie company 11 Apr. 2012 Legend of Grimrock quickly climbed the Steam best sellers charts and is still present as of today. What sparked this sudden interest in old school dungeon crawles? No idea, especially not after the averageness that was Dungeon Siege 3. Perhaps it’s got something to do with the game being an indie title – developed by an independent studio – because these type of games tend to sell rather well since a while (Terraria, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Limbo etc).

The game is about a group of would-be criminals who are sentenced to a would-be death by dropping them in Mount Grimrock, a place filled with monsters and riddles. If they ever wish to live in freedom again they will need to find their way through the mountain.

Key features include grid based movement, a customizable party consisting of four characters, spellcasting, exploring and solving riddles. Oh, and there’s also an healthy amount of Steam achievements. The game has been receiving excellent reviews so far and has been recommended by over 2000 Steam players so it’s definitely worth checking out even if you’re not a fan of old school games.

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What Do I Need To Start Dungeons And Dragons? What Do I Need To Buy?

Dungeons and Dragons (also called D&D) is easily the most well known pen and paper RPG out there. You don’t need a computer, all you need to play is some paper for writing and (you guessed it) a pen. But since you’re new to the genre it would be a wise decision to stock up on some items and to my experience it’s incredibly hard to find a good guide for that on the internet so I asked a shop keeper and found some more items on the internet and these are some useful tools you might want to buy before you start Dungeons and Dragons:

  • Dice: speaks for itself.
  • Pen & Paper
  • A Dungeon Master guide
  • Player Handbooks
  • (optional) Board game
  • (optional) Miniatures
  • Monster Compendium
  • Get some friends to play with

The last option might be the hardest because roleplaying a D&D campaign can be quite an akward thing to do without your friends nearby and it is suggested to find a group you feel comfortable playing with. Don’t take the above list as a must though, there’s tons of ways to start with Dungeons and Dragons and it depends on you how you want to play and what you want to buy.

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Aion 3.0: Free to Play Launches

Aion has been published quite a while ago already and churned out quite some interest back in the days of it’s launch because of it’s solidness, beautiful graphics and in flight combat. Aion kept going and going and while still being a great game it was covered by other AAA games like Rift, WoW: Cataclysm, SWTOR and others which were released afterwards and was thrown in a corner, all alone with no attention or what so ever. Aion wasn’t a new thing anymore and didn’t manage to catch the market anymore.

Aion initially released a not-so free to play version of itself which did not manage to gather any interest either because it was the same as “your average cash shop F2P game”, but then came an even bigger announcement: Aion would go totally free to play and would deploy a big update called Aion 3.0.

Promises of a totally free to play game without the annoyances of other F2P games like irritating pop-ups and more sparked an immense amount of interest among countless (MMO)RPG fanboys and Aion has been #1 popular game for quite a while on We will only need to wait and see what’s going to become of this semi-old grinder, what do you think?


Mortal Online: A Ray of Hope In The Ever Imitating World of MMORPG’s

You may have or may not have heard of this one: Mortal Online. A full loot PVP sandbox put together by the Swedish company Starvault. I’ve never really dived into this type of game before but I did and tried the seven day free trial and was blasted away just because of the sheer awesomeness of this game. I had been playing stuff like World of Warcraft and Rift before (also called themeparks) but this was something new, something fresh, and I loved it!

It’s been there for over a year now but it hasn’t really garnered any interest by the masses, in fact, the population is quite low although the people who do play it are incredibly active and involved in the community (which does include a couple of trolls as this is a sandbox game after all).

As I already pointed out this is not your average game, there are no quests but the sand is there and you can make your own adventure. You can attack other players everywhere, at any given time as long as they are not new to the game and loot everything they have on them and this makes for some pretty intense gameplay outside of town, and even inside of town! While you can call the guards on thieves and murders they’re likely to have stolen or killed before the guards are alarmed and as of such keeping an eye out is a must even in towns.

There is no goal in this game – you set your own goal, wether that’s helping and protecting the new ones, capturing all zones and populating them with towers and castles together with your guildmates or just becoming a strong fighter and pitting your fighting skills against other players.

Mortal Online isĀ  a game in which player skill still counts (active aiming for the win), and in which you’ll have to craft your own adventures with the constant fear of being stabbed in the back and your loot being stolen. And this is what makes Mortal Online an awesome game especially for PvP players, but also for PvE players when the new expansion Awakening hits which will include numerous PvE options.

Hello Wonks!

I’ve always wanted to have my own blog, and to be honest it took quite some experiments to get down to this site – RPGWonks -. Numerous sites had I created before this idea even came into my mind but I threw them all in the trash can because they couldn’t catch my attention for longer than a week. And now this. I have no idea wether this going to become yet another failed expirement or is going to become a full fledged (and popular) RPG gaming site. Let’s hope the latter.

But for now, please bear with me while I do what I can to make this site attractive.